Pattern Modeling Suite
Pattern Modeling Suite

The newly introduced Pattern Modeling Suite (3D Advanced) is an advanced feature that now allows you to create your own 3d patterns without having to purchase expensive 3rd party 3D graphics software. It includes the following tools:

  • Puffing Tool (puffs vector shapes into curves, bubbles, bevels, and flats)
  • Sweeps (sweep a profile along a vector path)
  • Extrude (extrude a profile inside a vector shape)
  • Revolve (revolve a profile around a circle)
  • Tilt Tool (tilt a pattern vertically and/or horizontally)

Some Pattern Modeling tools require the use of CLOSED REGIONS.  You can use the basic drawing tools included in the Project Designer software or you can use the more advanced drawing tools of the 2d Vector Drawing Suite.

Most of these videos feature several tools included in BOTH the 2D Vector Drawing Suite and 3D Pattern Modeling Suite.

CarveWright Software Tutorial – Modeling a Pattern

This video demonstrates the use of the CarveWright 3D modeling tools to create a robot that will be carved out and used as a chocolate mold. See more of this project on the Build Blog at

CarveWright Software Tutorial - Modeling Patterns from a Tracing Image


This video demonstrates the use of the several tools included in the 2D Vector Suite and 3D Pattern Modeling Suite in modeling a pattern from an imported tracing photograph. Both software suites are available as add-on’s to the Basic CarveWright software that comes with the purchase of every CarveWright CNC System.

CarveWright Software Tutorials – Modeling a Pattern


This video explores how the Vector Drawing Suite and 3D Pattern Modeling Suite work together to model patterns. This tutorial demonstrates the Sweep, Revolve, and Puffing tools from the 3D suite and the Smart Spline, Offset Path, and Copy Offset tools from the Vector suite.

CarveWright Sweep with Rails Overview

One of the Pattern Modeling (3D Advanced) tools is the the powerful sweep with rails. This video is an overview of how the tools works.