Create Anything!

CarveWright is the most advanced and usable CNC carving system ever made. Bring your ideas to life easier, faster, larger, and with more creative freedom. If you’re looking for a truly capable creative tool, there is no better option.


CarveWright’s feed through system, automatically moves the material through the machine, so even with it’s small footprint, you can produce very large projects. Projects up to 12 feet long and fourteen and a half inches wide. Not big enough? No problem. With the Tiling Technique, you can splice multiple pieces together to create any size project.


CarveWright’s servo-motor feedback allows it to maintain accurate positioning and report problems instead of crashing. It guides you through the set-up of every project. The machine measures your work piece, tells you what bit to put in, and locates all of its index points automatically. There is no programming, the system does it for you.


CarveWright can carve significantly faster and more aggressively than any other comparable CNC system. All our functions can be done in a single pass at full depth and not lose position. Even when carving over 2 inches deep! You never have to program a single speed and feed rate either. It’s already pre-programmed for you.

What Are People Making With CarveWright?

The things made with CarveWright are truly amazing. Shape your world into anything you can imagine. Carve beautiful woodwork, amazing signs, molds for casting, dies for stamping and embossing, lino cuts for printing, and anything else you can think of. Your imagination is your only limit.

3D Carving Software That Does More

More Capabilities = More Possibilities

Create your projects with software that unleashes your creative ideas.
With it’s powerful features and ease of use, Project Designer will take you far.

Prepare to be Inspired

This intuitive and easy-to-use software package is the foundation of the entire CarveWright System. It is second-to-none in bringing advanced carving capabilities to even the most novice users. Every CarveWright unit includes the amazingly full featured Project Designer BASIC, and the software system is designed with a PRO upgrade and add-on modules for users to expand to the features they need. This allows users to  grow with their CNC system affordably without expensive software upgrades. Try out the software today with a 30 day free trial.

Who Uses The CarveWright System?

CarveWright users vary as much as the possibilities the system provides. We have Hollywood level prop studios, craft faire vendors, sign shops, and artists. We have innovators making a business and hobbyists enjoying their free time. No matter who you are, with CarveWright, you can Create Anything.

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Dream Big with the Huge Capabilities of the CarveWright CNC Carving System