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RAVEN Update – September 21, 2023

From The Production Line The assembly line is finishing up and the container is being packed. We had a ship scheduled for September 25, but the forwarding company has pushed it to a later boat leaving on September 29. We’ll be on the water soon! We’ve been receiving many images and videos from the factory…

RAVEN Update – September 6, 2023

Missed the Boat Unfortunately, the factory was unable to get the assemblies finished in time to get on the cargo ship this week for our September delivery. We received a schedule update from them and it turns out we were further behind then we had been led to believe. The updated ship date to leave…

RAVEN Droptest

RAVEN Packaging Put To The Test

From day one, we wanted to make RAVEN the best product experience we can. Part of that is making sure it arrives ready to go. There is nothing worse than receiving a highly anticipated package and finding the item is damaged and unusable. We set out to find the best packaging design to ensure a…

Brushless Cut Motor Assembly

RAVEN Brushless Motor Hits the Assembly Line

Raven’s cutting-edge brushless spindle motor is now in production! This is a breakthrough not only for the Raven, but for the home CNC market worldwide. Enjoy a sneak peek behind the scenes of the assembly line for RAVEN’s brushless motor in the video below! The factory is humming away, making parts and assemblies. This machine…

RAVEN Controller Working

RAVEN Update – July 2023

The New Main Controller Installation Our team installed the new main controller in a prototype and is now in the early stages of tuning. Moving the programming from the bench to an operational machine is a great leap forward in getting all the testing and refining completed.  Parts Continue to be Produced Every Day The…

Raven Off Tool Assembly

RAVEN Update – June 2023

Off-tool Assembly The off-tool parts for the RAVEN began arriving over the last few weeks, allowing us to assemble the first non-prototyped machine! Many of the parts have gone through multiple iterations over the development cycle before finally getting into this production stage. This first, hand-assembly process helps us double-check that the parts are made…

Raven Controller Board

RAVEN Update – May 2023

Sub-assemblies Now Scheduled We will now speed up the RAVEN’s build process by assembling the machines without the electronics! We’ve developed a series of testers designed to make our quality-assurance process faster and more efficient. These testers allow us to check the components fully prior to and during assembly. As an extra benefit, these testers…

RAVEN Timeline

RAVEN Update – April 2023

Updated Timeline We were very hopeful that we would be able to stick to our delivery dates in May 2023, but unfortunately that timeline required adjustment. Raven’s new hardware pieces are designed and mostly sourced, but we had to replace several vendors, causing some delays and retooling. Additionally, the new processor sourcing required all the…

Accutrack System

RAVEN Update – March 2023

Using AccuTrack Belt With Jigs We’ve had a lot of questions about the AccuTrack belts and their reusability. Many have expressed concern about how long the belt will last and if it will be expensive to replace. Each RAVEN will come with five meters of AccuTrack Belt, which we anticipate could be a lifetime supply…

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