Hi, this is Connie.  I am the voice on the phones at CarveWright when you call and, as you would expect, I spend most of my time at work in front of my computer. In between answering customer service calls, I like to play with the CarveWright Designer software and try to create patterns based […]

Born and raised a Western Kansas farm boy, Darren Ehrlich learned at an early age about hard work, duty, creativity and dedication.  He learned to build what he needed and if it didn’t work, he learned how to fix it. He was first introduced to woodworking in Junior High, but due to lack of a […]

Darrel Amato’s father and grandfather both owned cabinet shops when he was growing up. “I guess sawdust runs in my blood” Darrel jokes when explaining the family history. He’s lost them both now, but feels like they are right there with him in his shop. A shop he named after them – DLR Woodworks for […]

Larry Quisenberry says he doesn’t do fancy projects with CarveWright, but when looking at his work, you can see a completeness in concept that isn’t ordinary. When Larry takes on a project, he really takes it all the way.

Well, golly GWhiz, this guy has some pretty impressive projects! George Hollister of Fayetteville, GA started looking in 2009 for a new toy to add uniqueness to his woodworking projects. He purchased his CarveWright machine in 2010 through Lowes and quickly joined the CarveWright Community Forum as GWhiz. “There is a learning curve, but it’s […]

Woodworking is nothing new to Glenda Edwards of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Her father and brother are both carpenters, so working with tools was something she was very familiar with. Then about fifteen years ago, Glenda started hosting monthly DIY parties at her home for fellow crafters to come do projects together. This eventually turned into a […]

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the CarveWright users forum or Carvaholics Facebook group, you are familiar with Clinton Stoutenburgh (AKA cestout).  Clint has been carving with us from the very beginning after acquiring his first unit in 2007. As many new users do, he joined the user’s forum and started asking a […]

Perry Bonin of New Iberia, Louisiana ordered his first CarveWright in 2008 after attending a woodworking show in Austin, Texas. He became really interested in the vast capabilities it could bring to the woodworking shop he had built for himself after retiring. At that time, he had been focusing on building large furniture projects, which […]

Written by: Connie Ratisseau Sharon Berrum first spotted a CarveWright (actually, a CompuCarve) at a Sears store near her Central Oregon home in 2007.  As an avid dollmaker, her first thought was that it would keep her husband occupied, so that she could dedicate more time to her sewing. Once they opened the box and […]