Prop makers love the CarveWright CNC system for it’s speed and ease of making 3D objects out of durable materials. Whether they are making productions molds for a large run, or a one-off custom piece, the possibilities are endless. October always seems to be my prop month being costume season and all. This year, I’m […]

For those who have been following the Build Blog for awhile, you’re probably familiar with The Library CarveWright Built. If not, start with that and then come back to this article. The library bookcases and paneling with all the detailed carvings were completed a couple of years ago, but this didn’t finish the room. It […]

Designed for CarveWright by Michael Tyler – Make this cute Fruitful Catch-All Tray over a weekend! The tray makes an attractive organizer for a vanity or dresser to stow jewelry, coins or placed on a work or home office desktop for any small “odds and ends” you may have! The tray design features recessed carve regions […]

Memorials honoring our fallen warriors have been part of CarveWright since our very beginning. Our users immediately began finding ways to create beautiful displays, plaques, flag cases, lithophanes, and more to memorialize friends, family, and heros. We at CarveWright are honored to have been able to help make these happen. Below is just a selection […]

I’ve been seeing a lot of cool “how I made it” videos lately of all kinds of projects. The accessibility of quality cameras, editing software, and the platforms to broadcast them has made it so easy. The only trick is to just get started and make things. So I did. Recently on the Carvaholics Facebook […]

Designed for CarveWright by Michael Tyler – This Springtime Clock can be displayed year-round in virtually any decor setting! The nature-inspired design features carved flowers and leaves nestled inside a shallow, gently curved recessed area which highlights the unique offset clock mounting. The Springtime Clock makes a very nice and functional wall accent for your home or office. […]

Designed for CarveWright™ by Michael Tyler – We traveled to the end of the rainbow for you and retrieved this cute project idea that you’ll love.  The Pot-’O-Gold Coin Bank! The project design features a pot (or kettle) cut and carved in slices with your CarveWright CNC. The slices are stacked and glued together to form […]

Designed for CarveWright™ by Michael Tyler – This Cupid Heart Box is the perfect gift for a loved one! The unique lid configuration features an integrated “Cupid Arrow” which fits into matching recessed slots in the heart box body when closed. Get projects like this delivered to your inbox every month for only $10/month. SUBSCRIBE TO […]

I was searching for a fun Christmas project to make this year with my CarveWright when a coworker suggested, “oh, make one of those red christmas trucks”.  I looked up what she was talking about and quickly saw an overwhelming amount of these old red pickup truck decorations. This is definitely a popular theme, and […]

CarveWright Embossed Rolling Pin

Have you seen these rolling pins with designs carved into them for embossing cookies? If you haven’t seen them, they are very popular on sites like Etsy and Pinterest, and you should check them out. Recently, they came to my attention and I immediately saw the potential of making embossed rolling pins on the CarveWright […]

It’s costume season again! Last year I was asked to outfit a group of friends with weapons for their Roman god costumes. It was a lot of fun and a huge success. They all loved the weapons so much, they asked me to do it again this year for their barbarian/viking theme. I gladly accepted […]

My journey with guitars started when I was 15.  I, of course, wanted to be a rock star. I already had some musical training, starting with piano at age 6, and moving to saxophone in middle school.  I never got excited about these instruments like I did the guitar though.  I taught myself how to play […]

By Chris Rawls Edited by Joe Lovchik Chris Rawls is one of the engineers who has been with the company since the beginning.  He’s tested and helped develop every piece of the CarveWright machine and knows it upside down and backwards.  Every now and then, he even gets a chance to make something with it, […]

This tutorial is originally from Michael Tyler’s ( 2014 CarveWright Conference presentation.  He wowed us with this fun technique and supplied a how-to tutorial for all the attendees.  It has since become one of the most popular uses of the CarveWright Rotary Jig.  Michael will be back again at this year’s Conference in June, so […]

A couple of years ago, I was asked to work on another project with sculptor Bridgette Mongeon.  You may recall the Best Of Big Taste Trophy I did with her back in May of 2015.  Bridgette is a really interesting artist.  She marries 3D technology with her more traditional hand skills into a very streamlined workflow. […]