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48 Ford Super Deluxe “Woody” Wagon 48 Woody Wagon

48 Ford Super Deluxe “Woody” Wagon

The 48 Ford Super DeLuxe being a classic among classics in the Woody Wagon world.  When surfing exploded into southern California during the 1950’s, the surfers adopted the readily available used Woody’s for their affordable spaciousness. Shove the surfboards through the back window and there was still enough room for all your friends and a…

Celtic Irish Charm Box

Celtic Irish Charm Box

This project features the classic Shamrock design on the lid as well as decorative Celtic weaves on the lid and front panel. The three leaves of the green shamrock can represent a traditional meaning going back hundreds of years. One leaf is for FAITH, the second for HOPE, and the third for LOVE. Perhaps the most well- known meaning was imparted to the shamrock by St. Patrick, who compared the plant’s tri-part leaves to the Holy Trinity.