Shawn Thorsson’s work continues to amaze, not just us at CarveWright, but the entire world it seems.  He’s featured multiple times a year in big publications and his work is shared regularly among the social media outlets.  He recently had a Behind-the-Scenes video on Wired Magazine’s site, and has a book collaboration project with MAKE: […]

In my virtual travels around the net, I occasionally come across something that blows my mind.  Recently this happened, and I discovered it was being done with a CarveWright.  I try to keep up with the world of 3D fabrication in general.  With all the recent 3D printers and CNC machines flooding the market it […]

I am always looking through the CarveWright users forum to see what people are doing, and I am constantly impressed by the work they are presenting. We have some very talented customers, and their work speaks volumes about the CarveWright system. I wanted to just highlight a few that I really enjoyed in the last […]

When CarveWright was contacted by ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to help with a Star Wars room, we immediately thought of customer Doug Haffner of haffnersigns.com . When we called Doug and mentioned Star Wars room, he responded with “YES!” before we could even finish the question! We only asked if he could do one carved poster, but […]