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I discovered a fun post on the CarveWright Community Forum the other day and thought I’d share it here.  The post was about wearable carvings made with the CarveWright. Even with all the things I’ve seen made over the years, I still get surprised at the versatility and ingenuity of the CarveWright users.

Handbags & Belts

CarveWright user Frederick_P has made a whole line of women’s accessories including these wooden purses.

carvedpurse_2 carvedpurse_1 carvedpurse5

He’s also made these unique wooden clock belts.

clockbelt1 clockbelt2

You can see some more of his work on this thread from the users forum.

For the Discerning Gentleman

On the same thread as the purses, user dickcash posted some pictures of his amazing “South Coast Topper” top hat.

tophat5 tophat6 tophat2 tophat3

And, he also made a proper wooden bow tie to go with that hat.

bowtie2 bowtie_4

With this getup, you’d probably want a cane.  Several users have been making carved canes for years.


Why not a custom belt buckle while we are at it.  This user carves belt buckles in wax for a lost wax casting process, and then casts them in bronze. Pretty impressive! This was even done before the 1/32″ carving bit. Imagine the detail you could get with that bit.



People have been asking me about making jewelry with the CarveWright for years, and I’ve always said it could be done, but now I’ve got some photos to prove it.

Forum user liguidguitars, mostly known for his work with guitars and violins, created these beautiful rings a few years back.

carved_rings2 carved_rings1

Users have made other various jewelry pieces, too, including brooches and pendents.


I’m certain there are many other pieces I haven’t seen out there, but I’d sure love to, so send them in to  Hopefully, you will be inspired and try your hand at making some wearable carving projects, too!


  1. barry sumner 7 years ago

    I enjoy very much. Thank You !

  2. ghailey64 7 years ago

    Would like access to users blog; forum; etc. to see what the rest of the world is doing if that is allowed.

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