Powerful CNC Software Made Easy

This intuitive and easy-to-use CNC router software package is the foundation of the entire CarveWright CNC carving System. It is second-to-none in bringing advanced carving capabilities to even the most novice users. Every CarveWright unit includes the amazingly full featured Project Designer BASIC, and the software system is designed with a PRO upgrade and add-on modules for users to expand to the features they need. This allows users to grow with their CNC carving system affordably without expensive software upgrades. Try out the software today with a 30 day free trial. Prepare to be inspired






Included FREE

Project Designer Basic is the FREE version available to all customers once your machine is registered.  It allows for basic level project development and uploading for the CarveWright CNC.  Many add-on modules are available for BASIC.




Upgrade $300

Project Designer PRO is an upgrade version available to all customers once your machine is registered.  It allows for advanced level project development and uploading for the CarveWright CNC.  All the add-on modules are available for Designer PRO.

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FEATURE DESCRIPTION Project Designer BASIC Project Designer PRO
Uploading of projects created in the software to the memory card with the usb programmer (both included with the machine) X X
Basic vector drawing tools provide shapes to which a bit, a cut path, or a carve region can be applied. X X
Basic Pattern library including over 50 patterns X X
Cut path is a cut all the way through the board. Cut path can only be applied to a closed figure or a path whose end points cross the edge of the board. X X
Carve Region provides uniform carving within an enclosed vector shape to certain depths. X X
Textured backgrounds with interval controls X X
Surfacing options for creating various domed or contoured surfaces. X X
Text Tool easily allows for placement and manipulation of text using True Type fonts currently installed in the computers system fonts folder X X
Set bit optimization, feathering and draft. X X
Outline text or patterns to create cutting paths X X
Set pierced carvings and tabs for carving through board. X X
Edge rout is a quick tool to apply a rout on all edges of a board. X X
Memory Card File Management through the Flash Manager, which allows for quick file deletion or formatting of the memory card. X X
Layout tools to assist with the project designing process that include, but are not limited to, Flip, Rotate, Mirror, Align, Center, and much more X X
Graphics, such as photos or logos, can be in imported from in JPEG, BMP, GIFF, MNG, XPM or PNG formats. X X
Drill Tool X X
Created patterns can be imported and exported as PTN files. X X
Rout Tool allows a figure to be broken into sections, each one with an independently assignable bit or depth profile X X
Two sided carvings – technique available X X
Automatic check for updates option X
Open with Preview option for patterns & projects X
Rotate virtual board to view front or back in landscape and portrait X
Custom Feather option X
Lithopane preview (Open GL 2.1 or higher required) X
Advanced Text Controls including kerning, line spacing & point size per letters, word or line of text X
Preview Text on board while editing X
Decorate with Text to apply to vector path X
Edit Envelope Tool allows you to warp or distort text or patterns X
Decorate with Patterns along a vector path X
Basic materials (textures) and the ability to manipulate those to create your own unique textures X
Vector Groups for adding “chip carving” X
Centerline Text algorithms rewritten for more efficient and cleaner cut (Centerline Text required) X
3D puffing of Raster Text (3d Pattern Modeling Suite required) X
2″ deep Carving for use with long 1/8″ and 1/16″ carving bits X
Options for 1/32″ Carving Bit for fine detail carving X
AVAILABLE ADD-ON MODULES (Purchased Separately)
Pattern Editor is included with the Scanning Probe or in-depth pattern & image manipulation at a pixel by pixel level. X X
Centerline Text is a function that allows for carving down the center of a selected text path. Used for engraving text effects. X X
STL Importer allows for importing of 3d models in common STL file format X X
DXF Importer allows for importing of vector paths in common DXF file format X X
Conforming Vectors to apply vector paths to uneven or irregular surfaces below. X X
3D Pattern Modeling Suite includes 3D modeling tools for custom pattern design. X X
2D Vector Drawing Suite includes advanced vector drawing and tracing tools for more detailed project design. X X
Keyhole Function Software included with the keyhole bit. X X
Pattern Sculptor is a sculpting and editing software tool for 3D relief carving patterns. Quickly and intuitively, smooth, smudge, and add or remove details to prepare patterns for carving. X
The Rotary Software is included with the CarveWright Rotary Jig for making 360º turned carvings. X