How To Survive Being Stuck At Home? Make Stuff.

What a crazy world we all suddenly live in, right? It’s not easy for me to be idle. I have to be doing something all the time, and preferably something creative. I’m seeing on the CarveWright community pages, the Carvaholics and the Forum, that I am not alone. Looks like many CarveWright users are finding great projects to help them cope with the lockdown. Let’s see some highlights. Show us what you’re making by tagging your posts with #carvewright.

Mask Clips

Several of the members on the Carvaholics page have been working to make these mask clip pieces for those working in the medical field who need protective gear.

Floyd Harris has been supplying the files for download.

They’ve experimented with different materials, jigs, and designs to find the most efficient process for getting these to their local facilities.

Jerry Eisele and Steve Senn have both been busy making batches of clips and working out the details on jigs and materials.

Join them on Facebook Carvaholics if you’d like to join in on the mask clip making.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy has become so popular with the DIY maker community. There is so much that can be done with it, and it looks so cool! It’s no surprise that CarveWright users have been getting in on the fun. Check out some these recent epoxy posts.

epoxy box
Ray Lewis likes to fill the tops of his carved boxes with epoxy to give them a great finish and keep them from collecting dust.
Rory Schulte uses epoxy to fill in the color on his game board.

Fun and Games

I love toys. Not just the fond memories of the toys from my childhood, but for neat things in general that just I want to pick up and play with when I see them. A few recent projects caught my eye in just that way. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to play with these.

Clint Stoutenburgh’s fun little rubberband powered paddle boat looks like a blast. By the way, let Clint know if you would be interested in making this project so he will post it to his Pattern Depot page.
Ron McPherson’s Klingon Bat’leth looks ready for battle, or display.
These mini marshmallow crossbows by Greg Brown have got to be just the most fun ever. They look fantastic too!

We hope you all are staying safe and making the most of your time on lockdown. Keep on carving, and keep on posting what you make with #carvewright.

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