Create Some Simple Easter Cutout Projects

Hi, this is Connie.  I am the voice on the phones at CarveWright when you call and, as you would expect, I spend most of my time at work in front of my computer. In between answering customer service calls, I like to play with the CarveWright Designer software and try to create patterns based on things I like on Pinterest.  Here are some simple projects that I did for Easter.  They are great fun to cut out for the kids stuck at home.  They would enjoy decorating them and maybe placing the in the yard or windows. 

These patterns were simple to make using three basic shapes. First, I made patterns for a circle, an oval, and an egg shape.

Then, I used those 3 patterns as building blocks to create the designs I wanted. By resizing, overlapping, and rotating I created these simple silhouette shapes of bunnies and a baby chick.

Just using those three shapes, you can make all sorts of designs.

Once the overall outline was created, I drew in some simple details to liven up the designs. I set the outline as a cutpath with the 1/8″ cutting bit and the details to rout with a 90º V-bit.

A few simple details bring the shapes to life.

Have fun playing with all the variations you can make with the details.

Make a different design for each member of the family.

The projects are free to download and use. They are set up on 12″ x 12″ x .5″ project boards to be cut on 20″ x 12″ x .5″ plywood. Once cut, coat thoroughly with white primer and paint however you like.

Project files require Designer PRO 3, 90º V-bit, and 1/8″ Cutting Bit.

Happy Easter!

Also, I’ve been tasked with producing some projects for my brand new grandbaby, Brooklyn! I’ll have more projects to share in the coming weeks as we decorate the nursery. Stay tuned!

Brooklyn Sophia Vega, born 6:10 pm 4-8-20 6 lbs 19.5”

Happy Easter, everyone! 

Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Creative.


  • I’m getting an error saying these files were written with a newer version of Designer, but I’m at the current version 1.188 (???).

    Designer software and my PC have not been getting along for the last few months (Windows 10, latest), used to work fine.

    • These project files (MPC) were created in the Designer PRO 3 software. 1.188 is the latest version of Designer BASIC. The included pattern files (PTN) can be opened in Designer BASIC.

  • Congratulations to her Proud Mother and Father and her Grandparents, Does she have a pink Carvewright yet? What a beautiful young lady!

  • Great project Connie! Amazing what can be done simply by utilizing a few basic shapes! Thanks for sharing!
    Congratulations on the precious new family member!!!

  • Awesome event Connie! Congrats to you and the proud papa!! Thanks for the Easter Files !!!

    Michael Fontenot
    USN Ret.

  • Great project for the kids and a congratulations to you and your family. She is beautiful.


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