CarveWright users sure have been keeping busy during these weeks of sequestering. Like last week, we decided to highlight some of the more exciting things we’ve seen lately on the Facebook Carvaholics group and our Community Forum. Show us what you’re making by tagging your posts with #carvewright. Colored Lithophanes Several users have found how […]

What a crazy world we all suddenly live in, right? It’s not easy for me to be idle. I have to be doing something all the time, and preferably something creative. I’m seeing on the CarveWright community pages, the Carvaholics and the Forum, that I am not alone. Looks like many CarveWright users are finding […]

As most CarveWright customers know, for the past 14 years, our products have been manufactured in China. With the coronavirus outbreak, our Chinese manufacturing line was essentially shut down. In order to continue selling product and serve our customers, we ordered the parts all be sent to our facility in Houston. For the first time […]

CarveWright Embossed Leather Chair Restoration

There was this set of six antique gothic chairs from the late 1700’s that we found in the far back of an antique store, almost as if they were embarrassed of them. They were worm eaten and the leather seats were rotting away, but, if restored, they would be perfect for the Lovchik library. Restoring […]

Last year, for our Christmas project, I made a Red Christmas Truck decoration. It was complete with a pinecone tree, lights, and all the vintage nostalgia you could ask for. I was delighted to see so many other CarveWright users making the project and wondered, “What could we make this year to top it?”. Well, […]

When I was a kid, and first demonstrating some artistic talent, my mother asked me to do some drawings for a children’s book she had written. I was familiar with the book, as she had read it to me when I was younger, and I agreed, it needed pictures. Excited, I set to work on […]

Dick Bipes has been making geared clocks with his CarveWright CNC System for years now. Several of his designs have even won contests for their creativity and excellent craftsmanship. His latest is this steampunk clepsydra (“water thief”) clock. It works by steadily filling a chamber with water, and then a siphon periodically drains it. This […]

Prop makers love the CarveWright CNC system for it’s speed and ease of making 3D objects out of durable materials. Whether they are making productions molds for a large run, or a one-off custom piece, the possibilities are endless. October always seems to be my prop month being costume season and all. This year, I’m […]

For those who have been following the Build Blog for awhile, you’re probably familiar with The Library CarveWright Built. If not, start with that and then come back to this article. The library bookcases and paneling with all the detailed carvings were completed a couple of years ago, but this didn’t finish the room. It […]

Memorials honoring our fallen warriors have been part of CarveWright since our very beginning. Our users immediately began finding ways to create beautiful displays, plaques, flag cases, lithophanes, and more to memorialize friends, family, and heros. We at CarveWright are honored to have been able to help make these happen. Below is just a selection […]

Elliot Miller is a NEWBIE?! Well, yes, but you can’t tell that from his projects. Having purchased his first CarveWright just 8 months, ago, and his second CW, just 6 months, ago, he is technically still a NEWBIE who hit the ground running. As a resident of Breaux Bridge, LA and Captain of a dredging […]

I’ve been seeing a lot of cool “how I made it” videos lately of all kinds of projects. The accessibility of quality cameras, editing software, and the platforms to broadcast them has made it so easy. The only trick is to just get started and make things. So I did. Recently on the Carvaholics Facebook […]

I was searching for a fun Christmas project to make this year with my CarveWright when a coworker suggested, “oh, make one of those red christmas trucks”.  I looked up what she was talking about and quickly saw an overwhelming amount of these old red pickup truck decorations. This is definitely a popular theme, and […]

After retiring from a career as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, Jack Boggio began his woodworking hobby by making furniture for his church. He initially purchased a CarveWright CNC System to enhance that furniture, but quickly expanded it’s use into his other areas of interest. One Christmas, Jack saw a toy carousel and was […]

This month I’ll show you the method for creating outlines and cut paths for projects that have patterns that overhang the main body of the design layout. I have received many “How did you do that?” inquiries on the subject, so I decided to write up a tutorial about it using a Fish Camp sign as an […]