Iron Man Suits, HALO Weapons, and More!

In my virtual travels around the net, I occasionally come across something that blows my mind.  Recently this happened, and I discovered it was being done with a CarveWright.  I try to keep up with the world of 3D fabrication in general.  With all the recent 3D printers and...

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George Hollister – Well, golly GWhiz

Well, golly GWhiz, this guy has some pretty impressive projects! George Hollister of Fayetteville, GA started looking in 2009 for a new toy to add uniqueness to his woodworking projects. He purchased his CarveWright machine in 2010 through Lowes and quickly joined the CarveWright Community Forum as GWhiz. “There...

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Brent Hutchens – Rustic Carved Mantels

Getting Started Brent Hutchinson of Springtown, TX began his CarveWright experience the way many other customers have done. He bought his first machine in July of 2012 for a specific job, which he had been “almost guaranteed”. As a CarveWright employee, it always scares me when someone has a...

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Jeremy Harmon – J. Harmon Designs

Like most “Creatives”, Jeremy Harmon’s talents spill over into many different mediums. Besides woodworking, Jeremy is an artist, musician and videographer. Using technology is a big part of almost everything he does. Adding CarveWright to his shop was an exciting step for him. Getting tech into his shop to see...

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