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Memorials honoring our fallen warriors have been part of CarveWright since our very beginning. Our users immediately began finding ways to create beautiful displays, plaques, flag cases, lithopanes, and more to memorialize friends, family, and heros. We at CarveWright are honored to have been able to help make these happen. Below is just a selection of these projects from over the years.

Thank you to all who have served!

CarveWright Military Emblems
CarveWright user Jeremy at United Carvings makes these fantastic carved emblems
CarveWright Military plaques
Darren Ehrlich’s plaques from the movie “Thank You for Your Service”
thank you for your service movie props
CarveWright Military plaques
  1. Robert Tomasino 2 years ago

    God Bless and keep you going for many more years.

  2. Larrry Hauger 4 years ago

    All the carvings look great. I also carve all military emblems, and make 24 hour clocks.

  3. Larrry Hauger 4 years ago

    Neat flag boxes. Been making them for. quite a few years over a decade One side Iput a cross, rank, name, other side military emblem and branch of service.ifis

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