Like most “Creatives”, Jeremy Harmon’s talents spill over into many different mediums and utilize various tools to see their visions come to life. In 2014, he added a CarveWright to his tool set. Already a woodworker building new furniture from reclaimed materials and repurposing old furniture, Jeremy was eager to see what the CarveWright could do to enhance these projects.

He began experimenting with his CarveWright and tested the waters on a few simple projects, like the skateboard he made out of reclaimed 2×4’s.

Jeremy soon discovered new ways to integrate the CarveWright into his current portfolio because of the creative opportunities it made possible.

Custom aprons began appearing on his tables and he added signs and home décor to his repertoire.

Living in “Vacationland” (Portland, Maine), Jeremy is now being sought to do commissioned themed-art pieces and décor.

Everything Jeremy does in the CarveWright Software is accomplished with just the Designer BASIC license.  He loves how easy and fun it is to use, especially for importing designs for his own pattern creation or importing logos for customer work.

Besides woodworking, Jeremy is an artist, musician and videographer.  He has created multitudes of videos that are available on YouTube @, on Instagram @ j_harmondesign and on Facebook as Jharmondesign. Many of his videos include projects created utilizing the CarveWright. Go check it out.  Jeremy is doing some cool stuff.


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  1. Certainly a gifted artisan! Enjoyed watching your videos! Great background music also!

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