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We had a great time at the Houston Mini Maker Faire this past Saturday (November 14th).  Calling it “mini” doesn’t quite do it justice, however.  They had a great turnout and the audience was full of energy and excitement. We were busy talking with people and running our demo’s all day.  I encourage everyone to check out their local Maker Faire, if you have one. You can even get a free booth to go show off what you make, since that’s what it is all about!


Here are some pictures of our booth.

Carved Cedar Fence

This is a recycled cedar fence, carved into a large art piece.

CarveWright Maker Faire Booth

We were never short of people in our booth.

CarveWright Maker Faire Booth Trunk and Guitar

The famous Dr. Beard’s Snake Oil Trunk and one of the Liquid Guitars.

CarveWright Maker Faire Booth

The booth right as doors are about to open

CarveWright Maker Faire Booth Display with clocks

Several decorative pieces including two of carveshop’s clocks. Those clocks were a huge hit at the show.

CarveWright Maker Faire Display Props

This plexi display case was covered in little kid hand and face prints by the end of the day. I probably could have sold 100 rayguns if I had them.

CarveWright Maker Faire Booth Display

Another of Liquid Guitar’s pieces on display. The violin had many people asking “how much?”

  1. Dave Robinson 6 years ago

    Congratulations on making it to the Maker Faire. How about coming out to the San Mateo one next year? I\’m sure you could find some volunteers to help…

    • Author
      Joe Lovchik 6 years ago

      Hi Dave, We are looking into the San Mateo Faire in May. I’d love to go, but it’s really expensive for a company to have a booth at that Faire. They need to realize we aren’t all Microsoft and Intel.

  2. capt.barry sumner 6 years ago

    thank you very much, till then. capt barry

  3. capt.barry sumner 6 years ago

    The wearthered fence. capt barry Keeps kicking me off .

    • Author
      Joe Lovchik 6 years ago

      The fence is going to be covered in a blog article next week. Stay tuned!

  4. capt.barry sumner 6 years ago

    Joe , How was this done ? Great job ! Capt Barry

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