This month I’ll show you the method for creating outlines and cut paths for projects that have patterns that overhang the main body of the design layout. I have received many “How did you do that?” inquiries on the subject, so I decided to write up a tutorial about it using a Fish Camp sign as an […]

Special thanks to Michael Tyler of for providing this content. Welcome! In this month’s Tips & Tricks I’ll demonstrate the function of the group and merge tools while creating a simple trivet layout. Later, you can apply these techniques to designs of your own. Despite its appearance, this trivet design does not require any special jigging […]

Adapted from Tips & Tricks by Ken Johnson (DocWheeler). What Is A Carving Jig? A carving jig is a constructed piece that holds your carving material in place while carving. A carving jig should: Hold the material to be carved firmly in position and under the rollers. Have a bottom board that has parallel sides and […]

Adapted from Tips & Tricks by Michael Tyler of Let’s continue last month’s Tips article by covering a few more “essentials” that everyone should know.   Backing-Up Your Favorites Folder It’s always a good idea to back-up important files so that you can recover from “unexpected events” concerning your computer. We can’t even count the […]

Adapted from Tips & Tricks by Michael Tyler of This article willl focus on a some basic things that will come in mighty handy for our “new-carvers”.  Your CarveWright manual, Learning Guide, the users forum, carvaholics facebook group, and the searchable support pages, have a lot of great information and if the instructions are followed closely, […]