Baileigh Industrial Bit Box – B³

Dick Bipes (DickB on the CW forum) posted this video today on the CarveWright users forum.  He calls is B³ for Baileigh Bit Box, and is his submission for the contest sponsored by Baileigh Industrial.  It is a very impressive box with custom designed hinges and a unique curved shape all designed and created with the CarveWright System.  Great job on the project, and we hope you win the contest!

Dick is also a pattern and Project vender on the CarveWright PatternDepot.  See his projects here


  • Fantastic! Shows me you’ve put a lot of effort into learning. I just can’t understand it, I did all the set ups. But the longer I stare at the machine it just won’t perform for me. Lol.

    No I really need to watch you guys work so I can learn how to create something. It seems like I put the patterns on the board after I’ve selected the size I want. And all that comes out is 6″ long by 4″ tall.

  • Outstanding work,Dick!The box is fantastic and your creativity really shines through!


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