Amazing Accessories To Help You Get The Job Done

Scanning Probe
Rotary Jig
Sanding Mops
Dust Hood

Our CNC Systems wouldn’t be complete without these great accessories. Add great functionality with the Scanning Probe and Rotary Jig, make finishing easier with Sanding Mops, and keep it all clean with Dust Collection.

Scanning Probe


Get ready to start creating your own patterns the easy way with the CW Scanning Probe. Turn your machine into a 3D scanner! You will never again look at items the same after you realize what this accessory can do.


Rotary Jig


The CarveWright Rotary Jig allows for carving in-the-round. Material is loaded in the jig, the jig is loaded in the machine, and it rotates the material while carving. The Rotary Software allows you to design projects in the round.


Sanding Mops


Sanding mops are a great way to speed up and simplify the sanding and cleaning of your carvings. With this great accessory you can quickly polish your projects to be ready for paint or stain. Two sizes and grits to choose from.


Dust Collection


The CarveWright is designed to tolerate a considerable amount of dust, but to ensure proper operation it should be kept free of debris, as much as possible. The CarveWright Dust Collection Hood makes this a snap, literally.



Third-party developers are becoming more and more a part of the CarveWright family. Many of these products are great additions to your CarveWright machine and are produced by customers easier and less expensive than we could.

DC Insert Dust Hood

The Ringneck Blues DC Insert

A Clean Machine Is A Well Performing Machine

One of the best things possible to do with your Carvewright machine is keep it clean. The DC Insert, dust collection hood, has been proven to be excellent at keeping the CarveWright free of dust and keeping your machine carving trouble free.



Wood-Werx CarveLight

Light Up Your CarveWright!

The CarveLight illuminates the interior of your Carvewright CNC with a 6600 Lumen light. This light makes the inspection of your project easy and efficient. It also provides sufficient illumination for the inspection and repair of your interior components.


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