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The annual CarveWright Conference brings together some of the best CarveWright system talents to share their knowledge and expertise with a hands-on audience.  The three days of the conference are filled with live tutorials, demonstrations, and a lot of question and answer.  These individuals can answer all, and ensure you leave well equipped and excited to get home and do some carving.  Let’s learn a little more about this years speakers.

Joe Lovchik – CarveWright Staff

Joe Lovchik has spent his whole life creating things. His artistic talent was discovered at a very young age as he was always drawing pictures and, even today, it is rare not to find a sketch of something on his desk that he has mindlessly doodled. Joe’s passion for art led him to earn a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Wichita State University. During his early years in college, Joe worked as an art director for a major sportswear company where he gained knowledge in industry marketing and brand management. His career was further expanded as he spent the next 10 years working as Art Director for advertising agencies specializing in brand development. One such brand was a side project for his brother Chris, the inventor of a new personal-sized CNC now known as the CarveWright System.

Eventually persuaded to move to Texas, Joe became the Marketing Director for CarveWright. Since joining LHR full-time in 2007, he has played several key roles in its growth including development of the company website, marketing and sales materials, creation of learning tools, videos and tutorials, and conceptualization of new product development. His knowledge and expertise in graphics software has allowed him to help guide the software developers in their advancement of the CarveWright software. Using these resources, Joe has become one of the foremost experts for the CarveWright System.

Joe has three CarveWrights in his shop where he is constantly pushing the boundaries of what they can do.  Work ranging from heirloom furniture, to steampunk and syfy props and beyond using new and unique techniques.  His projects are chronicled in the CarveWright BUILD Blog.

Sharon Berrum – SharonB on the CW Forum

Art, in its many forms, has always been a large part of Sharon’s life. She’s worked with ceramics, dabbled with oil/acrylic paint and watercolors, then spent 10 years as a soft sculptured doll artist. As a doll artist she exhibited or sold her creations in various venues.

It wasn’t until 2008, when Sharon acquired a CarveWright/CompuCarve machine for her husband, did her passion for carving and painting wood projects start consuming her life. She had bought the machine for her husband before realizing all projects must be designed on a computer…and he had no knowledge of computers. So, she studied all the manuals and decided to learn to operate the carving machine herself. From the time the first project emerged from the machine she was totally captivated. She started out, like most, with simple signs and expanding her repertoire to more complicated signs, wall decorations, clocks, and the latest, a wooden Dream Catcher.

Sharon’s carvings have become more detailed and vibrant over the years. She credits a lot of this to the Golden Brand Interference paints she uses to highlight her projects. Through experimenting she has accumulated a great amount of knowledge and technique that allow her works to stand out within the CarveWright community.

See the recent Customer Spotlight we did about Sharon.

David Jochim – CarveWright Staff

J. David Jochim grew up experiencing and practicing the art of woodworking. The son of a cabinetmaker, Mr. Jochim worked his way through school as a craftsman and is familiar with the machines and techniques involved in woodworking. He graduated in 1997 from the University of Washington, earning a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering.

Following graduation, he began working at NASA Johnson Space Center in the advanced robotics branch. He led several advanced robotics projects during his time at NASA and was awarded two patents for his innovations in the field.

In 2001, he left NASA to form LHR Technologies with Chris Lovchik, who had developed a prototype for a desktop carving machine. The two recruited an engineering staff and developed what we call the CarveWright today.

Dave is very involved with his kid’s various scouting, school, and church groups which leads him into all kinds of fun projects.

Michael Tyler –

Michael enjoys the use of both traditional and contemporary Creative Arts mediums. A background in music led him to a career as a Music Technology consultant when computers were just beginning to be utilized for music composition, recording and publishing. In 1987, he founded one of the first mail-order music software and hardware companies in the country. All the while, his side interests included designing and building stained glass windows and lamps, deep relief sandblasting (in glass) and woodworking, to mention a few.

In January 2007, Michael added a new tool to his workshop – a CarveWright CNC machine. He quickly developed a fascination for the creative potential this technology held and resolved to make the most of it. By April of 2007, Michael founded the CarveBuddy company to offer products and resources to others with similar interests.

What began as a casual hobby quickly grew into a full-time business, working with companies such as CarveWright, Vectric Ltd., ShopBot, Vector Art 3D, independent antique dealers, cabinet shops and more. Michael has produced hundreds of digital relief models, CNC woodworking projects and a host of informational materials for the benefit of CNC owners worldwide, including being one the largest vendors on the CarveWright Pattern Depot, and the creator of the CarveWright Project of the Month subscription.


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