CarveWright Software Updates
Designer Software Download Options:

There are now two versions of CarveWright Designer for you to choose from.

Considering Purchasing CarveWright System?  Download and play with the software.

You may download the Project Designer software as a 30-day Trial Version to get an idea of how easy it is to learn and use. See our Tutorials page for Step-by-Step tutorials and other tools to assist you in the learning process. We suggest you download the newest upgrade version 3.

CarveWright Designer Basic

Project Designer Basic Version 1.187 is the FREE version available to all customers.  Please follow installation & registration instructions.



Download Free Version

CarveWright Designer 3 Upgrade

Project Designer 3 is an upgrade to the Project Designer Software. You will need a license code to unlock it.  See more about Designer 3 here

To purchase Designer 3 click here: PURCHASE

Download Upgrade Version

About CarveWright Project Designer Software

CarveWright Project Designer Software is the main software used to design your projects. It has import options for images, patterns, drawing tools, textures, surfaces and text features that make it fully functional on its own. There are also several advanced software options that are available in DEMO mode, until they are purchased and activated. Updating the Project Designer Software, updates these advanced software features, as well. Customers get one license of Project Designer Software per registered CarveWright machine. Each license allows for two simultaneous computer installations. Advanced Software purchases also allow for two simultaneous computer installations per license.

About Registration of Project Designer

Computers running Project Designer Software must be registered to a CarveWright Customer Account within 30 days of installation. A Customer Account is separate from the Store Account that you may have created to purchase your machine. Using the same Username & Password for both accounts cuts down on confusion. Write down this information and put it where you can find it, as you WILL need it again.

The Customer Account is where you register your machines, computers, and licenses for software, patterns, projects & subscriptions. Customer accounts are created once a customer registers their CarveWright Machine. You will only ever need ONE customer account. Licenses, sent as Software Serial Keys (or activation codes) via email, only need to be activated once to your Customer Account, where the information is stored on a secure server and can be retrieved, if needed.

Registration of the Project Designer Software and your computer is easiest done through the software itself by selecting Register Online (internet connection required), but there are other options. If you have never created a Customer Account before, you will need to do that only the first time. Upon installation of your second computer and there afterwards, you will always select the option that says “I Already Have an Account”.

Computers are registered into your Customer Account and identified by their individual hard-drive computer ID. Sometimes those computer IDs change and the computer needs to be re-registered. Registered computers that are no longer valid can easily be deactivated by LHR with an email or phone call identifying which computer to deactivate. This frees up licenses for a re-installation.

Troubleshooting Software Installation


Need to Re-Install Designer 2? DOWNLOAD INSTALLER