Vector Drawing Suite
Vector Drawing Suite

The newly introduced Vector Drawing Suite (2D Advanced) is an add-on feature that allows you to use very advanced drawing tools & image tracing abilities that before were only available from 3rd party software packages.  These tools include:

  • Smart Spline (drawing tool for faster drawing and tracing)
  • Import Tracing Image (import background images for tracing)
  • Offset Path (offset a specified distance in or out of a vector)
  • Trim Tool (join or remove overlapping vector segments)
  • Copy Offset (repeat a pattern or shape)
  • Change Form Selectors (quickly change form)
  • Change Tangency Selectors (quickly change tangency)
CarveWright Vector Drawing Suite (2d Advanced) Overview

The Pattern Modeling Suite videos also show use of some of the Vector Drawing Suite tools.  These video under Tutorials > Software > Pattern Modeling show both software suites being used together.

Tips & Tricks Tutorial:

ISSUE 39 April 2013 – Make a Peace Symbol Using the Vector Drawing Suite (2D Advanced) Software.