Project Designer 2.0
projectdesginer2_nbkg Designer 2.0 has arrived


The long awaited upgrade to the Project Designer software for the CarveWright System is now available for immediate purchase and download. Project Designer 2.0 is a redesign to the underlying architecture of previous versions allowing for significant advancements and new features. The same look and feel is maintained in the software, but this new platform allows for several new capabilities that will surely enhance the users experience.

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This software upgrade marks the first major version release of Project Designer, since it’s initial launch in 2006. It is setting the standard for future major releases at an upgrade price of $200 for new and existing customers running the current version of Project Designer. CarveWright will continue to package a free version of Project Designer with the system upon purchase and available on the website. If you do not have access to the internet, please call LHR to order a Designer 2.0 disc.


Designer 2.0 FAQ


See Key Features below:

The key features include:
newinstaller filepreview installer newtoolroptions
Refined Installer
  • Improves installation on newer operating systems and provides an option for automatic check for updates.
Open With Preview
  • A new open window, which displays a graphic preview for easier navigation to the desired project or patterns.
New View Options
  • Rotate the board view 90º clockwise or counter-clockwise to layout projects in either portrait or landscape.
New Custom Feather
  • Set the feather distance to whatever setting you choose.
New Lithopane View
  • See what your lithopane will look like before you carve it!
preview path pufftext warp
New Text Controls
  • An entirely new font engine, with control over point size, kerning, and line spacing.
Preview Text on Board
  • Now when editing text the software shows the text on the board while it is typed.
Decorate With Text
  • A new text tool that allows you to apply text to follow any path drawn in the work space.
New Centerline Text
  • The Centerline Text algorithms have been rewritten to make cutting much faster and cleaner. (Centerline license required)
Puffing of Text
  • Now raster text may be puffed with any of the 3D modeling puffing tools.  (3D Pattern Modeling license required)
Edit Envelope Tool
  • This new tool allows for warping and distorting any item on the workspace; even patterns.