Project Designer 2.0 FAQ
  • Is 2.0 an add-on or patch to Designer?
    2.0 is an upgrade for current and new customers.
  • Is this a one-time only upgrade or the beginning of a new model where LHR will be charging for each future upgrade?
    This is a new pay model for major version release of the software.  These major version releases will happen roughly every year.
  • What about users that do not upgrade to 2.0?
    Designer 1.187 will continue to be a free version available for new and existing customers.
  • Does warping apply to all text, including Centerline?
    Yes, the warping function (Edit Envelope), will work with all text and patterns.
  • Will there still be free updates to 1.187 or 2.0?
    All updates will be for 2.0. 1.187 will no longer be updated.
  • What versions will the Project of the Months be developed in?
    The Project of the Month will be made in 1.187 to maintain maximum compatibility for the near future.  
  • Are patterns created in 2.0 backwards compatible for 1.187?
    Yes, patterns made in 2.0 will save out as a 1.187 compatible PTN.
  • Will new machine come with 2.0?
    No, for the immediate future, new machine’s will come with the free version, 1.187 UNLESS there is a special packaged sale available.
  • If I wait to upgrade from 1.187 to 3.0, will it cost more than the 2.0 to 3.0 upgrades?
    Yes, the upgrade fee from the immediately previous version will be less than those who are upgrading from earlier versions.
  • If add-on features get an upgrade/update, will this upgrade move to 1.87 or only to 2.0?
    All updates will only be for 2.0, including all feature add-ons.
  • Will patches or bug fixes for 2.0 be charged?
    No, all updates for 2.0 will be free for users of 2.0.
  • Do I have to have Centerline & 3D Pattern Modeling to use those new features like the new Centerline algorithms & the Raster Text Puffing?
    Yes, some of the new features require additional advanced licenses.
  • Will all the features be available and the same between Windows & Mac versions?
    The versions are the same for both Mac and PC.
  • Can you have both 1.187 & 2.0 installed on the same computer?
    Yes, 2.0 will install in a different directory so both versions can run. However, when a project is saved in 2.0 it will not be compatible with 1.187.  Unless you are designing projects for the PatterDepot project store, you will want to uninstall 1.187.
  • Will all of my previously purchased software, patterns & projects work in 2.0?
    Yes, all previous project and pattern files will work in 2.0. Please note: projects saved in 2.0 are not backward compatible and cannot be reopened in earlier versions like 1.187.
  • Does 2.0 have any new computer requirements?
    Open GL 2.1 or more recent is required to make full use of all the features.
  • If I decide I don’t want to use 2.0, can I get my money back.
    No, as with any advanced licenses, there is no refund. Please refer to the Return Policy.
  • If I sell my machine which software comes with it?
    1.187 will remain the free version. 2.0 is non-transferable.