This is a fun and simple way to add some dynamics to your lithopane projects. We will split our chosen photograph into multiple tiled pieces and carve them individually. These pieces can then be reassembled into one larger image and displayed. STEP 1 Find a the photo you wish to carve. There are many sources […]

My daughter is a princess. I suspect most fathers feel this way about their daughters, but my daughter is especially a princess, because she is mine. See how that works?  There is a magical moment in a father-daughter relationship, where she asks you to make her something.  What joy!  Being a princess, she wanted to decorate […]

A quick project came up awhile back that I thought was a pretty cool use of my CarveWright.  I play bass guitar with a band and we were discussing ordering a graphic printed bass drum head for this festival we were playing.  We kind of dragged our feet and then there wasn’t enough time to order it. […]

I recently had the opportunity to use Michael Tyler’s ( spray paint marbleizing technique he demonstrated at the 2017 CarveWright Conference.  It’s such a fun and easy technique, that I wanted to repost his videos here for everyone to learn. EZ Marbleizing Effect with Spray Paints Reposted from This video demonstrates how to marbleize a wooden […]

October is one of my favorite times of year.  For starters, it’s finally cooling off enough to enjoy being in my shop.  Summer temperatures can go on well into October down here in Houston.  It’s also costume and prop season, which means lots of things to do in my shop.  Halloween driving most of that, but […]

We made a fun project awhile back that I never got around to writing about.  Thankfully, I took photos during the process and I came across them the other day.  Our co-founder, David Jochim, was redoing his back patio and ended up with a lot of weathered redwood from the old decking.  He brought it […]

When I’m working in my shop using my CarveWright, I’ve noticed that I have a set of tools always at hand for easy access. These are things that help me solve normal usage issues. Most of them are obvious, but some may not be, so I’ve put together a top ten list to show you what […]

We’ve been working on a library project for almost 6 years, and it is nearly finished. Earlier this summer at the CarveWright Conference we gave tours and shared some photos in our post-conference blog.  Now, we’ve gathered up photos outlining the progress of this great build to show you some of the steps taken along the […]

I discovered a fun post on the CarveWright Community Forum the other day and thought I’d share it here.  The post was about wearable carvings made with the CarveWright. Even with all the things I’ve seen made over the years, I still get surprised at the versatility and ingenuity of the CarveWright users. Handbags & […]

If your family is anything like mine, than sitting at the dining table playing games is as much a part of Chistmas as opening presents.  It’s such a wonderful way to spend hours laughing and enjoying the company of friends and family, especially when you don’t get to see them very often.  Over the years, […]

A few weeks ago I was presented with a section of an old weathered cedar fence that had been knocked down in a storm.  It was brought in by a coworker with the idea we could up-cycle the material into something cool.  We came up with the idea of using the CarveWright with a v-bit […]


Shawn Thorsson’s work continues to amaze, not just us at CarveWright, but the entire world it seems.  He’s featured multiple times a year in big publications and his work is shared regularly among the social media outlets.  He recently had a Behind-the-Scenes video on Wired Magazine’s site, and has a book collaboration project with MAKE: […]

Over the last few years, many of my friends have been acquiring kegerators to have beer on tap in their homes.  Not only that, but many of them are even brewing their own beers to share when friends come over.  Some of them are even pretty good at it.  One thing these taps all had […]

A couple years ago, we had a special visitor at our conference. She didn’t own a CarveWright machine, and had actually just learned of it’s existence. Her name is Bridgette Mongeon, and she was researching the system for her new book. Now 2 years later, her book, 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring […]

Yes, It’s true, I made t-shirts and Christmas cards with the CarveWright! I used an old process called block printing. It’s been around forever, and many of you have probably even done it before. Traditionally, one would trace an image onto a block of some sort, carve away (by hand) the negative space to create […]