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The New Standard in Personal CNC
CreateAnything easytouse sophistication
Create Anything!

You know that feeling of pride when you finish a project that you’ve been working on and it’s just right?  That moment when you say to yourself, “I made this!”? Our customers experience that in ways they never dreamed of before. Seeing what our customers make is proof of the power and joy the CarveWright System can bring to your shop. What will you make?

Easy to Use

With the simple yet powerful drag-and-drop Project Designer™ software, and the ServoSmart™ controller in the CarveWright machine, you can easily create spectacular projects in no time. Have more fun with less learning time. Plus, we have add-on apps to enhance your capabilities and the largest carving pattern store in the world in the PatternDepot with over 7,000 patterns and projects.

Unmatched Sophistication

The ServoSmart™ controller is the most advanced CNC controller ever seen in an affordable CNC system. Five feedback sensors and automated setup give the CarveWright an undeniable edge. With the patented feed through design, the CarveWright system also has the largest board capacity of any system under $10,000.

Always Improving
quiter_cutmotor new_powersupply standardHDbelts
New Quieter Cut Motor

Over the years, we have continually found new ways to make the system even quieter. Now, a redesign of the internal motor fan has reduced the decibel level more significantly than any other change we’ve made in the past. The quieter motor is a very welcome addition to the CarveWright System.

New Rugged Power Supply

Our new rugged, fully enclosed power supply has locking screw down connectors to provide the most secure, uninterrupted supply of power possible. This power supply can even stand up to the “gentle” handling of shipping companies to keep you carving.

Heavy Duty Belts Standard

The heavy duty traction belts have long been an upgrade option for the CarveWright System.  They now come standard on every machine. These rubberized PVC belts provide extremely stable traction for increased repeatable precision with the CarveWright System.

Technical Specs


Cutting Techniques
• Raster Carving
• Vector Cutting

Build Volume (max project size)
• 14.5 in (w) x 5.5 in (d) x 12 ft (l)

Max Encoder Resolution
• 0.00003 inch

• Spindle – variable 20,000 RPM max
• Carving Speed – 6 ips
• Jogging Speed – 9.3 ips



• Cast aluminum head and trucks

• Painted steel and ABS plastic

Feed Through Belts
• Heavy duty rubberized PVC

Linear Bearings
• Double row precision roller bearings

CarveTight™ Spindle
• Integrated single piece hardened steel
• High speed phenolic cage bearings
• Single clamping paw

Servo Motors
• Mabuchi motors
• 1296 encoder counts per revolution



Software Bundle
• CarveWright Project Designer™ 3
• 50 Included Patterns
• Free Project

File Types
• Imports PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, XPM, MNG
• Apps available to input STL and DXF

Operating Systems
• Windows (XP+)
• Mac OS X (10.6+)

• CarveWright memory card (included)
• USB Programmer  (included)



Storage Temperature
• 32°–105° F

Operating Temperature
• 50°–105° F

AC Input
• 100V, 50–60 Hz



Product Dimensions
• 19.1 x 12.8 x 14.7 in

Shipping Package Dimensions
• 28.5” x 20.25” x 18”

Product Weight
• 80 lbs

Shipping Weight
• 85 lbs



 ServoSmart™ Advanced Motion Control
• Five feedback loops for real-time sensing
• Fully automated project and bit zeroing setup
• Looped intelligence to warn of potential issues
• Anticipates problems to prevents damage
• Pre-calculates backlash and compensates
• Senses slips and auto-corrects

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