“Everyone’s a Winner” Contest


All CarveWright customers are invited to participate in our


“Everyone’s A Winner” Contest


The best representation of our products come from our customers and their own creativity.  We can always use sample projects for demonstrations, trade shows & facility tours with new pieces that show off the machine & software’s capabilities.  Our “Everyone’s a Winner Contest” has proven great fun and provided great projects.

We hope you enjoy this contest,  where Everyone’s A Winner.


Contest Prizes:

  • All entrants will receive at minimum a $10 gift certificate
  • 7th-10th Place Winners receive a $25 gift certificate
  • 6th Place Winner receives a $50 gift certificate
  • 5th Place Winner receives a $100 gift certificate
  • 4th Place Winner receives a $200 gift certificate
  • 3rd Place Winner receives a $300 gift certificate
  • 2nd Place Winner receives a $500 gift certificate
  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER receives a $700 gift certificate

Projects should show off the machine and software’s capabilities, as well as your own creativity and craftsmanship.  This is an open category contest, so there are no restrictions to what you can make. Consider portability of the project, as they will need to be shipped to CarveWright and transported to multiple events through out the year.

All project entries will be retained by LHR for demonstrations, trade shows & facility tours. They will also be posted on our community forum, in social media and may be used in our advertising.

Entries must include the following information:

  • Customer Name and CarveWright Community Forum username
  • Carving quality settings and carving times
  • Description of materials used for construction and finish
  • Designer Software & add-ons used to design the project
  • Photos and/or videos of the finished project

Contest Deadlines:

Photos and/or videos of completed project entries that will be displayed on the CarveWright Community Forum must be received by midnight, Monday, June 16th, 2014.

Actual projects will need to arrive at LHR no later than Monday, June 23rd, 2014 for display at the 2014 CarveWright Conference.  All shipped entries MUST arrive on or prior to this date to participate in the contest.

Attendees of the conference that are also participating in the contest may bring their entries with them Thursday morning, but you must submit a photo of the completed project by the June 16th deadline.  Please let us know, if you plan to bring your project prior to the June 23rd deadline.

Voting will be conducted at the 2014 Conference and determined by the conference attendees & staff. Winners will be announced on Saturday, June 28th, 2014.

Gift certificates are only for the CarveWright online store. One gift certificate per entry. One entry per customer.

Submit Finished Project Photos or Videos Here

Send Completed Projects Here:

LHR Technologies, Inc.
Contest Entry
4930 Allen Genoa Rd. Suite D
Pasadena, Tx 77504