CarveWright users sure have been keeping busy during these weeks of sequestering. Like last week, we decided to highlight some of the more exciting things we’ve seen lately on the Facebook Carvaholics group and our Community Forum. Show us what you’re making by tagging your posts with #carvewright. Colored Lithophanes Several users have found how […]

What a crazy world we all suddenly live in, right? It’s not easy for me to be idle. I have to be doing something all the time, and preferably something creative. I’m seeing on the CarveWright community pages, the Carvaholics and the Forum, that I am not alone. Looks like many CarveWright users are finding […]

Hi, this is Connie.  I am the voice on the phones at CarveWright when you call and, as you would expect, I spend most of my time at work in front of my computer. In between answering customer service calls, I like to play with the CarveWright Designer software and try to create patterns based […]

As most CarveWright customers know, for the past 14 years, our products have been manufactured in China. With the coronavirus outbreak, our Chinese manufacturing line was essentially shut down. In order to continue selling product and serve our customers, we ordered the parts all be sent to our facility in Houston. For the first time […]

Born and raised a Western Kansas farm boy, Darren Ehrlich learned at an early age about hard work, duty, creativity and dedication.  He learned to build what he needed and if it didn’t work, he learned how to fix it. He was first introduced to woodworking in Junior High, but due to lack of a […]

This is a free decorative St. Patrick’s Day shamrock welcome plaque project for your CarveWright machine! It features a common Irish phrase “Cead Mile Failte” which means “100,000 Welcomes” in Irish Gaelic. It is pronounced “kay-ed mee-luh fall-tuh”. You can actually listen to audio recordings of the pronunciation of this, and other popular Irish phrases […]

Make this Tri-Leaf Trinket Box with your CarveWright CNC for an outstanding gift or an item to keep for yourself. Available now in the Pattern Depot!

Darrel Amato’s father and grandfather both owned cabinet shops when he was growing up. “I guess sawdust runs in my blood” Darrel jokes when explaining the family history. He’s lost them both now, but feels like they are right there with him in his shop. A shop he named after them – DLR Woodworks for […]

CarveWright Embossed Leather Chair Restoration

There was this set of six antique gothic chairs from the late 1700’s that we found in the far back of an antique store, almost as if they were embarrassed of them. They were worm eaten and the leather seats were rotting away, but, if restored, they would be perfect for the Lovchik library. Restoring […]

Designed for CarveWright by Michael Tyler – Here’s a unique Valentine’s Day gift to display year ‘round on a bookshelf, tabletop or mantle!  The project features three large “candy” hearts with engraved text messages and a small heart “sprout” all enclosed in a fenced garden setting!  Get projects like this delivered to your inbox […]

Last year, for our Christmas project, I made a Red Christmas Truck decoration. It was complete with a pinecone tree, lights, and all the vintage nostalgia you could ask for. I was delighted to see so many other CarveWright users making the project and wondered, “What could we make this year to top it?”. Well, […]

When I was a kid, and first demonstrating some artistic talent, my mother asked me to do some drawings for a children’s book she had written. I was familiar with the book, as she had read it to me when I was younger, and I agreed, it needed pictures. Excited, I set to work on […]

Designed for CarveWright by Michael Tyler – Here is a miniature wooden version of the infamous “Major Award Leg Lamp” similar to the one that appeared in the holiday movie classic, “A Christmas Story”! This eye-catching ornament is a great addition to your own Christmas tree or as a gift to friends and loved […]

Larry Quisenberry says he doesn’t do fancy projects with CarveWright, but when looking at his work, you can see a completeness in concept that isn’t ordinary. When Larry takes on a project, he really takes it all the way.

Dick Bipes has been making geared clocks with his CarveWright CNC System for years now. Several of his designs have even won contests for their creativity and excellent craftsmanship. His latest is this steampunk clepsydra (“water thief”) clock. It works by steadily filling a chamber with water, and then a siphon periodically drains it. This […]