The annual CarveWright Conference brings together some of the best CarveWright system talents to share their knowledge and expertise with a hands-on audience.  The three days of the conference are filled with live tutorials, demonstrations, and a lot of question and answer.  These individuals can answer all, and ensure you leave well equipped and excited […]

This tutorial is originally from Michael Tyler’s ( 2014 CarveWright Conference presentation.  He wowed us with this fun technique and supplied a how-to tutorial for all the attendees.  It has since become one of the most popular uses of the CarveWright Rotary Jig.  Michael will be back again at this year’s Conference in June, so […]

Written by: Connie Ratisseau Sharon Berrum first spotted a CarveWright (actually, a CompuCarve) at a Sears store near her Central Oregon home in 2007.  As an avid dollmaker, her first thought was that it would keep her husband occupied, so that she could dedicate more time to her sewing. Once they opened the box and […]

A couple of years ago, I was asked to work on another project with sculptor Bridgette Mongeon.  You may recall the Best Of Big Taste Trophy I did with her back in May of 2015.  Bridgette is a really interesting artist.  She marries 3D technology with her more traditional hand skills into a very streamlined workflow. […]

Written by: Connie Ratisseau A little over ten years, ago, Wayne Creel was no woodworker and he was no Cub Scout Master. Now, he is both. After volunteering through his church as a mentor to a young man who lost his father, Wayne was introduced to Pinewood Derby building and racing, as the two of […]

This is a fun and simple way to add some dynamics to your lithopane projects. We will split our chosen photograph into multiple tiled pieces and carve them individually. These pieces can then be reassembled into one larger image and displayed. STEP 1 Find a the photo you wish to carve. There are many sources […]

Written by: Connie Ratisseau In 2007 when Floyd Harris got his first machine, the CarveWright (then CompuCarve) was still in its infancy.  Now, after a decade, LHR has many customers that we consider as experts. Floyd is one of them.  A past conference guest speaker, he is also the moderator on the CarveWright Community Forum, […]

The 2018 CarveWright Conference will be held June 21, 22 & 23, 2018 at the Holiday Inn Houston-Webster. BACK TO BASICS BOOT CAMP This year’s CarveWright Conference will feature classes and presentations from CarveWright PROs selected for their innovative and expert use of the CarveWright System.  You will learn how to better use your system, and explore […]

My daughter is a princess. I suspect most fathers feel this way about their daughters, but my daughter is especially a princess, because she is mine. See how that works?  There is a magical moment in a father-daughter relationship, where she asks you to make her something.  What joy!  Being a princess, she wanted to decorate […]

Written by: Connie Ratisseau Rick and Cheryl Mock of Bryan Ohio spend a good deal of their time celebrating LOVE. Not just their own, but their Etsy store, CarvedArtStudio511, keeps them busy memorializing and celebrating Wedding Anniversaries, and much more. They have carved over 1,000 plaques in just 4 years and now have 4 CarveWright […]

A quick project came up awhile back that I thought was a pretty cool use of my CarveWright.  I play bass guitar with a band and we were discussing ordering a graphic printed bass drum head for this festival we were playing.  We kind of dragged our feet and then there wasn’t enough time to order it. […]

Written by: Connie Ratisseau About 10 years ago, we at LHR did a half dozen or so Customer Spotlights where we introduced customers and shared what they were doing with the CarveWright System. We are bringing those spotlights back and hope you enjoy getting to know a little about Blake Warner, his business partner and […]

I recently had the opportunity to use Michael Tyler’s ( spray paint marbleizing technique he demonstrated at the 2017 CarveWright Conference.  It’s such a fun and easy technique, that I wanted to repost his videos here for everyone to learn. EZ Marbleizing Effect with Spray Paints Reposted from This video demonstrates how to marbleize a wooden […]

October is one of my favorite times of year.  For starters, it’s finally cooling off enough to enjoy being in my shop.  Summer temperatures can go on well into October down here in Houston.  It’s also costume and prop season, which means lots of things to do in my shop.  Halloween driving most of that, but […]

We made a fun project awhile back that I never got around to writing about.  Thankfully, I took photos during the process and I came across them the other day.  Our co-founder, David Jochim, was redoing his back patio and ended up with a lot of weathered redwood from the old decking.  He brought it […]