Designed for CarveWright™ by Michael Tyler – This Cupid Heart Box is the perfect gift for a loved one! The unique lid configuration features an integrated “Cupid Arrow” which fits into matching recessed slots in the heart box body when closed. Get projects like this delivered to your inbox every month for only $10/month. SUBSCRIBE TO […]

Perry Bonin of New Iberia, Louisiana ordered his first CarveWright in 2008 after attending a woodworking show in Austin, Texas. He became really interested in the vast capabilities it could bring to the woodworking shop he had built for himself after retiring. At that time, he had been focusing on building large furniture projects, which […]

I was searching for a fun Christmas project to make this year with my CarveWright when a coworker suggested, “oh, make one of those red christmas trucks”.  I looked up what she was talking about and quickly saw an overwhelming amount of these old red pickup truck decorations. This is definitely a popular theme, and […]

After retiring from a career as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, Jack Boggio began his woodworking hobby by making furniture for his church. He initially purchased a CarveWright CNC System to enhance that furniture, but quickly expanded it’s use into his other areas of interest. One Christmas, Jack saw a toy carousel and was […]

This month I’ll show you the method for creating outlines and cut paths for projects that have patterns that overhang the main body of the design layout. I have received many “How did you do that?” inquiries on the subject, so I decided to write up a tutorial about it using a Fish Camp sign as an […]

CarveWright Embossed Rolling Pin

Have you seen these rolling pins with designs carved into them for embossing cookies? If you haven’t seen them, they are very popular on sites like Etsy and Pinterest, and you should check them out. Recently, they came to my attention and I immediately saw the potential of making embossed rolling pins on the CarveWright […]

Dick started woodworking as a kid in his dad’s basement shop, cutting cartoon characters out of plywood with a scroll saw and painting them.  He took a semester of wood shop in high school, but otherwise was self taught by reading woodworking articles and gradually tackling more complex projects.  He built his shop and skills […]

Special thanks to Michael Tyler of for providing this content. Welcome! In this month’s Tips & Tricks I’ll demonstrate the function of the group and merge tools while creating a simple trivet layout. Later, you can apply these techniques to designs of your own. Despite its appearance, this trivet design does not require any special jigging […]

It’s costume season again! Last year I was asked to outfit a group of friends with weapons for their Roman god costumes. It was a lot of fun and a huge success. They all loved the weapons so much, they asked me to do it again this year for their barbarian/viking theme. I gladly accepted […]

Written by: Connie Ratisseau Brent Hutchinson of Springtown, TX began his CarveWright experience the way many other customers have done. He bought his first machine in July of 2012 for a specific job, which he had been “almost guaranteed”. As a CarveWright employee, it always scares me when someone has a deadline before they ever […]

Adapted from Tips & Tricks by Ken Johnson (DocWheeler). What Is A Carving Jig? A carving jig is a constructed piece that holds your carving material in place while carving. A carving jig should: Hold the material to be carved firmly in position and under the rollers. Have a bottom board that has parallel sides and […]

My journey with guitars started when I was 15.  I, of course, wanted to be a rock star. I already had some musical training, starting with piano at age 6, and moving to saxophone in middle school.  I never got excited about these instruments like I did the guitar though.  I taught myself how to play […]

 Written by: Connie Ratisseau After developing a serious medical condition that made Michael Aimino’s twenty-seven year 9-5 software development career too difficult, he began to look for a new way to keep him busy and productive while having the time to tend to his health issues.  Woodworking had long been a hobby of his, […]

Adapted from Tips & Tricks by Michael Tyler of Let’s continue last month’s Tips article by covering a few more “essentials” that everyone should know.   Backing-Up Your Favorites Folder It’s always a good idea to back-up important files so that you can recover from “unexpected events” concerning your computer. We can’t even count the […]

Adapted from Tips & Tricks by Michael Tyler of This article willl focus on a some basic things that will come in mighty handy for our “new-carvers”.  Your CarveWright manual, Learning Guide, the users forum, carvaholics facebook group, and the searchable support pages, have a lot of great information and if the instructions are followed closely, […]