With CarveWright, You Can Create Anything!


With CarveWright you
can Create Anything
You know that feeling of pride when you finish a project you’ve been working on and it’s just right?  That moment when you say to your self, "I made this"? Our customers experience that in ways they never dreamed of before. The CarveWright CNC system allows you to create anything. Seeing what our customers make, is proof of the power and joy the CarveWright system can bring to your shop. What will you make?


carvewright CNC


Beautiful crafts and gifts made custom for any occasion. Pick a theme for a child’s room, kitchen, office, or anywhere and custom create everything such as wall hangings, lamps, boxes, napkin holders, shelves, and anything else you can think of.

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Professionally carved signs have never been easier. Select any font and one of three routing methods for your text; add a graphic and you are only a few clicks away from quickly carving a dynamic sign. Not only are they easy to make, but everybody wants one, whether it’s for a small business, man cave, RV campsite, golf course or back patio; the possibilities are endless.

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The most remarkable and intricate woodworking projects are produced on the CarveWright and we are constantly amazed at what our customers create with this machine. From individual pieces like armoires, desks, cabinets, and fireplaces, to entire Victorian libraries, and themed rooms. For this price, cabinet shops and serious craftman can produce amazing custom jobs much more practically than ever before.

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Many of us as children grew up putting together plastic models. Wouldn’t it be great to continue doing that as adults? Make life size props from your favorite movie or video game like ray guns, spaceships, or giant dinosaurs. The CarveWright is also great for stage props and scenery whether for the theatre or your train collection. With this system, dreams can come true, and it’s oh, so much fun.

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Have you ever wished you could reproduce a product at home instead of paying someone else to do it? Or that you could automate and speed up the process of a product you already make? Many of the CarveWright’s users do just that. With an economy that requires that we all do more, smarter, with less; the CarveWright can help you save on time and labor.

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The CarveWright is essentially a 3D printer capable of creating almost any shape. Whether it’s decorative pieces or prototyping parts, this machine is truly the best way to Create Anything! And now at an incredible price.

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